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Building Suppliers

Goodwinds (USA)  Leading Suppliers of Carbon Fiber Rods & Tubes, (for masts , Spars, and Stubs) Spectra Line, Ripstop Nylon

Boca Bearings(USA) PTFE & Stainless Steel Ball bearings for use on Swing Rigs 

ACP Composites(USA)  Carbon fiber  cloth, sheets ,and tubes.  Also Fiberglass and other materials for making rigs, fins, decks  etc. 

RG65 / DF RC Sail Makers

Soch Sails (UK) Dragon Force RG65 Dealer  DF Sails, Boat decor kits, as well as inventory of DF boats,  parts , rig kits, aftermarket deck patches   

Housemartin Sails (UK)   RG65 paneled and Dragon Force One Design sails, as well as selected parts, and accessories

Graphite Sails(UK)   RG65 & DF , Rig kits (swing & Conventional) Contact; John Tushingham Tel: 01943816808  email: john@graphitecreative.co.uk

Blackmagick Sails (NZL) ​Custom RG65 Paneled sails , and also Dragon Force Single Panel  One Design sails , Fantastic tuning tips page 

Catsails (UK) Dragon Force RC Sails in Mylar Scrim

RG65 Hull & Boat Suppliers

RC Yachts (UK) Complete Line Dragon Force RG65 dealer, including full inventory of all DF parts, pre assembled rig kits, and aftermarket DF sails from Graphite, Housemartin, and Cat Sails

Sails Etc (UK) - Manufacturer Argon RG65  ,Rogue RG65 Line Plans One of the leaders in RC parts, worldwide 

Nautae Racing Model Yachts  (BRA) Manufacturer for   Stinger A/S & Skinny RG65s by Pedro Stier

Mirage Radio Yachts  (AUS) Manufacturer for Missile RG65 by Jeff Byerley , custom RG65 Sails & rig kits as well

PJ Sails (UK)  - Manufacturer for Puma RG65, full line of radio sailing parts , sails  and accessories for RG65s as well

Seamaster RC  (BRA) - Manufacturer for Stinger, Rogue, & VAD65 RG65 designs

Spectre Marine (AUS)  Manufacturer for the Spectre 650 RG65 

Midwest Model Yachts US Importer and Dealer for Sails Etc, KDH, Hales and Cap Maquettes. Carries complete line of rig hardware, fasteners , Hull & deck fittings, Books, masts, & mast fittings.  Line plans for the Rogue RG65 by Graham Bantock 

Breaking Wind Boats   US Manufacturer of Rig Parts, complete rig kits, and other innovative RC Sailing parts. Also manufactures   custom parts with his 3D printer including servo tray mounts . Limited supply of RG65 Decks and hulls including the Round Ranger, Pakinto, and Simatara RG65s ( Production currently halted due to repairs to moulds)

 Amazon.com  US Dealer carrying complete inventory of  stock Dragon Force Boats and bagged parts 

KB Sails  US Custom builder Dragon Force Restricted  Sails in multiple material, and trim color . Email Ken Bauser for more info at:  kbsails@aol.com

Vector Sails   US Custom Builder of RG65  & Dragon Force Restricted Sails in multiple materials and colors

Hot Sails    Canadian builder for DragonForce 65 Restricted Sails in multiple materials and colors  

US & Canada RG65 Suppliers 

Dragon Sailing North America  US Importer and Distributor  for the complete line of DragonForce 65 Add-Ons  , boats, replacement Parts and accessories

ERC Custom Boats, Sails, and Parts US Custom Builder for ERC Sails (both Rg65 paneled & Dragon Force Restricted ), custom hulls, parts and fittings, and carbon fiber/ fiberglass moulds. Builder and designer for Mako, Wahoo, & Blue Splash  RG65s

Carr Sails   US  Custom builder for  RG65 paneled construction A, B and C suits, as well as Dragon Force One Design Single Panel A, B, and C suits

​Walrus Sails US Custom builder of  RG65 paneled and Dragon Force Restricted  sails.

General RC Parts & Accessories

K-Bits  (UK) ​Specialists in radio sailing specific servos, and electronics. Also provides parts , batteries and electronics 

Model Graphics (UK) ​Razor carbon or glass mouldings. Carbon rig fittings and complete rigs. Range now includes a 700 gram cast keel ballast.

AA Parts (ITA) Custom parts and deck equipment suitable for RG65s